What have our students done?

Where have our students been seen?

Our students are from all backgrounds, cultures, ages and interests and come from 6 of the 7 continents in the world (North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania).

Credits include:

BROADWAY (Into The Woods, Spring Awakening, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, Billy Elliot, Significant Other, etc.) with some playing leading roles

FILM & TV (HBO, Disney, CBS, Warner Bros., Universal Network, ABC, Paramount Network Television Productions, Lifetime, Columbia Broadcasting, Smokehouse Pictures, Good Guy Entertainment., etc.)

NATIONAL TOURS (Annie, A Chorus Line, etc.)

Internationally Acclaimed Recording Artists



NATIONAL AWARD WINNERS (Hal Leonard Musical Theatre and Folk Song Competition Winner)

VOICE OVER Actors/Actresses

...and much more!



Van and Sean Music Studios

Musical Theatre Professional - NYC

"Shining example of the talent NYU has to offer! Sean has the ability to zero in on problem areas and help you to flip that switch. I owe my increased range, stamina, and consistency to his lessons. He also helped add new repertoire to my book. Sean is a pro, and I highly recommend his studio."

Marcus Calderon, NYU/NYC


"Sean has a natural ability to guide and advise and instruct and support, always with enthusiasm. Three years of lessons brought out the best in my voice. Its quality, range, and resonance, is stronger, cleaner, and more supported than it’s ever been; but most importantly, I now have a perceptiveness of my own sound and technique which has made me a more expressive speaker and performer than most of my acting training. I cannot recommend anyone more highly."

Jacob Braun, NYU/NYC

Musical Theatre Actor/Singer - NYC

"Sean took my voice and turned it into a versatile tool that I could really use in a healthy, marketable way. I highly recommend Sean to anyone looking to advance vocally."

Phillip Barrood, NYC


"Sean is amazing! He's a great teacher - so supportive and talented! He helps you learn in a way catered to your needs, and my friends have all commented on how my technique has improved leaps and bounds! Above all he is completely professional and makes every lesson a joy. I look forward to each class with him - definitely go with Sean!"

Jacin Lee, NYU/NYC


"Sean has done an amazing job teaching me how to sing! He is truly a wonderful and versatile instructor. Among his many strengths, I felt his ability to pinpoint and effectively help me when I was struggling on different singing techniques was his greatest. He is also very patient and is very insightful about the world of singing. I would definitely recommend him as a singing instructor."

Sammy Wang, NYU/NYC


"Sean is a master. He's helped me develop a healthier technique, which has served to free my voice. And of course he is very easy to work with. Professional, but not cold or impersonal. 5/5 no question!"

Beau Peregoy, NYU/NYC


"Van taught me so many things about my voice and breathing that I never knew before taking classes with her. She also gave me the confidence to hit higher notes instead of shying away from them. Her tactics - ones she uses herself - helped me develop my own style, how to sing more clearly, and how to sing more pleasantly. All of the benefits cannot be listed here, but without a doubt she was always available and treated her students with enormous care."

Eleni Arvanitis, NYU/NYC


"Ms. Nguyen is simply the best vocal instructor out there. She brought out my voice and was able to help me identify my range, now I can finally sing with confidence. After taking lessons from Ms. Nguyen, I feel a thousand times more confident with my voice and range. BeforeI couldn't sing consistently, but now I feel like I can take on any sheet music. Whether it's learning to sing for the first time or sharpening your vocal training, Ms. Nguyen is simply the best coach out there. 100% dedicated and driven to make you a better singer and musician."

Andrew Baik, NYU/NYC


"I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Van... I can comfortably say that I built upon that knowledge even further and am very satisfied with where I am at in terms of my singing ability. I found her teaching style effective as she remained strict to her expectations of me as a student. And her approach was well balanced with praise such that I respected her expectations whilst wanting to make her proud and excel above them... "

Steven Li, NYU/NYC


"Overall, this has been one of the most enjoyable classes for me in my college career. I think Van is a great vocal teacher in terms of making the student very comfortable with singing, explaining what the student is doing wrong, and finding ways to solve that. I'm very glad I was able to take this class with her, not only with learning how to sing better, but also with boosting my confidence in myself when I sing. I realized that confidence in singing is one of the most important things to have, and she was very good with helping me gain that."

Timothy Yin, NYU/NYC

New York University

"Sean has greatly impacted my vocal production and understanding of my voice. He has taught me technique and allowed me to grow as a singer. He has helped me find my own voice and work with me on things that I want to. He knows how to talk to me and help me understand the technique, especially when it is all so conceptual. He is a GREAT teacher. THE BEST VOICE TEACHER I'VE EVER HAD."

NYU Student

NYC Actor

"The high notes are effortless, and I feel like I could sing for hours."

Marcus Calderon, MT Performer

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