Performing in front of others is one of the greatest ways to learn about your craft and learn about yourself. Van and Sean Music Studio highly encourages students/clients of all ages to have as many performing experiences as possible when they are ready. We have students/clients on community stages, at churches, lead singers of Rock Bands, public speakers and as Broadway leading roles.


We encourage students and clients to practice what they learn in performing and competing experiences in their communities and beyond. One way to really learn a lot about your craft and about yourself is to have experiences in public. We connect our students/clients to local and top national competitions in all genres of music and performing.

College/Europe Preparation

We prepare students for the next step in their education and learning. Van and Sean Music Studio helps many students get into the some of the highest regarded music schools and colleges in the United States. We also help our students/clients prepare and get accepted into educational programs or intensives in the U.S.A. and in Europe.

Student Recitals

We produce multiple student recitals and masterclasses in New York City and Los Angeles/Orange County every year. This provides our clients/students additional coaching and performing opportunities in front of an encouraging and supportive audience of families, peers and industry people.

Concerts & Competitions

Connecting Clients to Opportunities

With our years of developing connections and contacts of professionals we connect our students with jobs, concerts, competitions and other opportunities.




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