Current and Past Clients on all your accomplishments and all you strive to achieve!

We will be updating this page with news from current clients and alumni of Van and Sean Music Studios. Congrats!


Gideon Glick

Congratulations to Gideon Glick for wrapping up the upcoming 2018 major motion picture, Ocean’s Eight, with the long list of A-list actors and for your wonderful success with your lead role in SIGNIFICANT OTHER on Broadway.


Andrew Dahreddine

Congrats on your recent shows (Anne Frank in the Gaza Strip, She He Me) and your appearance in the Columbia MFA short film “Blessings! Blessings!”! Also, congrats on the lead role in the reading of Buddy!


Belinda Aime Saenz

Congratulations to Belinda Aimé Sáenz on your new role as a teaching artist with DISNEY Theatrical Group for DISNEY on Broadway! Many people will be blessed to work with you. Congrats Belinda!


Raviv Ullman

Congratulations to Raviv Ullman for directing Standing Ground – A Documentary Film, a beautiful film about the “300+ Native American Tribes in Standing Rock, North Dakota to protect land and water for generations to come”. Congrats!


Marella Martin Koch

Congratulations to Marella Martin Koch (Writer-Producer-Director) for the continued success of your musical, Danny & The Rocket, (book and lyrics by Marella Martin Koch and music by Casey O’Neil)! In 2017 alone, Danny & The Rocket was showcased at: Lincoln Center (NYC) for the Broadway’s Future Songbook; Tisch New Musical Theatre Workshop; The Pocono Mountains Music Festival; Two River Theater.


Andrew Gombas

Congratulations to Andrew Gombas for his upcoming role in the Seattle based movie, The Hard Song, which will be released in 2018.


VStar Kids Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the three finalists at VStar Kids Season 2 from VS Music Studios: Grace, Evelyn and Madeline. The finals will be shown on Vietface TV Friday, October 27 and then the Result Show will be October 29. Congrats again to all VStar Kids contestants from VS Music Studios!


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