Sean Buhr

Owner & Instructor

Professor of Voice at New York University for 7 years and masterclass clinician throughout the U.S.A., Canada and Vietnam. Clients are Broadway regulars, professional actors, internationally acclaimed recording artists and CEOs that speak for their companies. Specializing in vocal health and function, pop/rock/jazz/Broadway/etc. and communicating/performing on stage.

Van and Sean Music Studios

Van and Sean Music Studios

Clients can be found on Broadway, Major Movies/Films, National Television, National Tours, Records and Internationally at concert halls and theatres.

Bich-Van Nguyen

Owner & Instructor

Past Professor of Voice at New York University and Santiago Canyon College. Her clients appear on Television, National Award Winners for Hal Leonard’s Art Songs and Musical Theater, V Star Kids finalists and Touring Concert artists. Specializing in Vietnamese, English, French and Italian.


Our Story

We met in New York City, NY at New York University where we both earned dual master degrees in both Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy. Thankfully we were able to study with some of the greats including Michael Ricciardone, Dr. Brian Gill, Richard Miller, Michael Heaston, Michael Baitzer, William Wesbrooks and Dianna Heldman while participating in masterclasses with Dawn Upshaw, Sherill Milnes, Cheryl Studer, Sally Stunkel, Katheline Goeldner, Paul Kiesgen and Stephen Swanson to name a few.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to allow the singer to sing as freely as possible with an ease of inhalation and exhalation, and with an awareness of resonance and breath flow. When a singer is comfortable, confident and the production is stable then the voice becomes clear and consistent. We respect all genres of music, styles and vocalisms. We work with singers pursuing careers on Broadway, in Rock, R & B, Folk, Classical, Opera, Country and others that want to sing for fun or even work on their public speaking voices.

While teaching at New York University, privately and other university settings in the U.S.A., we interact with individuals from many different backgrounds, cultures and passions. Initially we spend time with singers undoing vocal misunderstandings acquired from imitating techniques from the popular scene of a given genre. As teachers of voice, our responsibility is to help the singer find more possibilities and options versus creating restrictions in singing. Achieving vocal stability can lead to the singer being able to communicate and express at an optimal level. The craft of singing take time, determination, patience, exploration and guidance to find the singers true voice and their fullest potential.

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